Mini Robloxia Classic Review!!

Hello. As you all know Loneassassin will stop posting but I will continue to post once in a while and will be looking for some replacements to help get the review up and running again like it used to. This review is on one of robloxs classic places, Mini Robloxia Classic. This place is a bunch of mini versions of robloxs popular places from 06 and early 07. Built by RobloxMuseum, who is actually are92’s old account. We will miss are92. This place is very fun to explore and see a little bit of robloxs history. Thats that for today. 100/100.

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Stepping Down.

I, LoneAssassin am offically stepping down from this site. To many times I have tryed to kick it back into gear, but it’s just not happening, I will be talking to NegativeZero tomorrow, and if he is stepping down also, this website will be Deleted coming 2010. If you would like to OWN this site, please contact myself at my personal email of

Thank-you, and for the last time


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Can you survive a day in Springfield?


After having a huge brain-fart, and spending at least 15 minutes trying to Embed a photo into this post, I’ve finally done it! Anyways, after being away from Roblox for so long, I thought I would start with a Obstacle Coarse, and what better to start with then one based right in Springfield! I did enjoy this Obby very much, my favorite being when you had to dodge the buses that Otto was driving, very classy! I didn’t stick around for very long after winning, but I saw there was plenty to do at the end! Overall I would give this game a 7½/10, Can I do that? Haha!

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Well Hello my bloxing friends, its been months since me or Neg have last posted, and I though I would tell you why. I, Lone, Love the games of Roblox, and so I believe does Neg, but its just getting on the site, thats the hard part. Me and Neg both do other things now, with online gaming, and social networking sites, so finding the time is not hard, but its just not there. I will in the future be trying to post on this site, I have a Post-It on my desk as I speak, it will remind me to Blog.

Thanks for staying with us.


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Halo ROBLOX Evolved Original! Review!

halo roblox evolved review

Todays review is on Halo ROBLOX Evolved Original! by ali2556354. When you enter this place you start in a white room where you can choose your weapon then when you choose you are teleported to the battlefield to fight. The reason I chose this place is because of all the good scripting. You have a gui for your health bar, you take fall damage, and theres a heads up display. The building could have been worked on but overall it’s a very good place to relax and kill some noobs halo style. 75/100.

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:::: Urban Warfare 2 :::: Review!!

Urban Warfare 2 Review

My latest favorite game and today’s post is :::: Urban Warfare 2 :::: by daxter33! The reason I like this game is because it’s well built and scripted. When you first join the game you will have to choose if you want a sniper, assault, demo, or smg. Then when you pick your weapon you are teleported into a small arena that looks like a war-torn town to fight the other team (obviously). if your doing good you can check your kill streak by saying streak, when you get a kill streak of 7 you can say call/helicopter and have aircover from a helicopter for 2 minutes. For extra cover you can press C to crouch, X to lay down, or R to sprint for five seconds. You can also press F to throw a grenade! 95/100.

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Hey everyone, it’s good to be back and blogging again. The game I am reviewing today is called “Attack of The Slimes!” I really enjoy this game, it’s all about team work and having fun with friends, I could spend hours playing. The point of this game is in the title, Build to Survive! Its very enjoyable with many different kinds of bloxs to build with! I give this game a 8/10. If you would like to play this game click Here!


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capture the island Review!!


We’re going to start reviewing more often now that our school has started.

My review for today is on capture the island by cooi59! Here the object of the game is obvious… capture the island. You start as a marine or mercinary and fly a plane over to the island to capture it or to the enemies base to kill them! For weapons you get a pistol, smg, and sniper. If you touch the spawn on the middle island it will change to your teams color and you have captured it! The only problem is when your on the island your stuck! 75/100.

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Sword Fight: The Ice Heights of ROBLOXia Review!!


hai! We’re going to start reviewing more often now! For this review I decided to find a random place, and I picked Sword Fight: The Ice Heights of ROBLOXia, made by rsdlegodude! This place is basically like sword fight on the hights except colder and different swords. Run around the ice finding new weapons and slashing down your opponents. 73/100. <- visit this place


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Farm Tycoon

Hello howdy! Boy, it feels good to be blogging again, school actually starts for me and Neg on the 14th, but I thought I would make a new post one week early! So here we go!  The game I am reviewing today is Farm Tycoon by Claymore93, this game is your basic Tycoon, you gain money from something you bought, so you can buy the next thing, it is a sit and wait kinda game, not my favorite. The one thing about this game I did like, is when you are waiting for your animals to make money, you can plant cabbage, you buy a plot for 600 dollars (avg.) and then you buy seeds ($100 for, four) it takes about ten seconds for cabbage to grow and you make 50 dollars, or something like that.  Overall I give this game a 6/10


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